Why Advertise in the Bride-to-Be Book?

Why would you like to advertise in the Bride-to-Be Book? The answers are simple! But maybe not as simple as you might think. The Bride-to-Be Book is more than just a seasonal Wedding Publication; it is the latest source of local consumer service available for the Murray-Calloway County, Kentucky and surrounding areas of NorthWest Tennessee and Southern Illinois. With features of local boutiques and wedding registries to beautiful venues and from fine dining to honeymoon getaways.

Top 12 Reasons Businesses love to Advertise in the Bride-to-Be Book:

  1. The Bride-to-Be Book reaches into the top 20% of earning and spending households in Calloway County and surrounding communities.
  2. The Bride-to-Be Book is often the first publication seen by new brides, grooms and their families along with tourists, visitors to weddings, and families who are entering or visiting Western Kentucky, Northwest Tennessee and Southern Illinois for a wedding or an event.
  3. The Bride-to-Be Book is targeted to reach the market you want and need.
  4. The Bride-to-Be Book is found in hospital waiting rooms, hotels and lodges, area bookstores, barber shops and beauty salons,the Murray Tourism Commission and the local Chambers of Commerce.
  5. The Bride-to-Be Book focuses on what Brides, Grooms and their families in our area want, need, and can use for their wedding.
  6. The Bride-to-Be Book has the most desirable readers/consumers for your specific business.
  7. The Bride-to-Be Book is the only Local Wedding Features publication in Full-Color, Glossy and available in Murray and Calloway County and the surrounding areas.
  8. The Bride-to-Be Book targets your customers on subjects that uniquely interest them.
  9. The Bride-to-Be Book is known as the area?s award-winning, professionally written and designed magazine product.
  10. The Bride-to-Be Book is credible; backed by over 75 combined years of publication, design and editorial experience.
  11. PS: Did we mention we feature articles on dining, lodging, venues, polices to shop and relax, a calendar of events PLUS amazing photography and editorial?
  12. PSS: Did we mention our Website? The Bride-to-Be-Book website (www.bridetobebook.com) is well on its way to serving thousands of consumers' information needs everyday! With our Advertiser's Directory (link to that page?) and our online publication (launches 1-week after printed copies hit the streets), those soon-to-be Brides, Grooms and Family members are looking for places to eat, shop and stay while in town. Just one more reason to Advertise Today with the Bride-to-Be Book! Place an ad on our website, too!

Top 20 Reasons for Advertising in Magazines & Publications:

  1. Publications are Relevant to the target Market's wants and needs.
  2. Consumers consider magazine advertising to be more relevant to their buying habits than other media.
  3. Magazines appeal to a wide variety of demographics, lifestyles, and interests; advertisers can hone in on targets that fit their specific needs.
  4. Publications have a long shelf life and lasting impact.
  5. Heavy magazine readers are likely to be among the highest spenders across most product categories.
  6. Consumers refer to magazines multiple times, even saving them for later reference. This gives advertisers the opportunity for added exposure.
  7. Magazines have High Credibility and Valuable Content.
  8. Magazines influence word of mouth.
  9. Magazines influence retail purchase behavior.
  10. Researchers found that readers regard the in-depth articles, glossy paper and quality photo art to be indicators of thoughtfulness and reliability.
  11. The portability of magazines allows consumers to read them at home or while traveling.
  12. Consumers consider magazines excellent knowledge providers, particularly in getting good ideas and keeping up-to-date with the latest styles and trends.
  13. Consumers turn to magazines for product information.
  14. Studies show magazines were one of the top five purchase influences on 18-to-44 year olds for both apparel and technology categories.
  15. Among the general population, magazines are the strongest influence on personal recommendations.
  16. Mediamark Research, Inc. shows that consumers trust and value magazine advertising. When readers were asked to pull ten pages that best show the essence of their favorite magazines, 3 out of 10 pages pulled were ads.
  17. Studies by Dynamic Logic show that consumers actually enjoy magazine ads more than any other medium.
  18. According to Affinity Research, more than half of readers took action on magazine ads or had a more favorable opinion about the advertiser.
  19. Magazines move readers to action.
  20. Studies show that consumers trust magazine advertising more than television or radio advertising.

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