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As Wedding Season approaches, Brides, Grooms as well as Friends and Families of the engaged are diligently searching for information on the venues of places to get married, where to buy the most important dress of their life, what types of wedding gifts to buy, where to get custom invitations printed and what the hottest trends and fashion of the year will be. And they need you to help!

Be a part of the 2016 Bride-to-Be Book! This years book is packed full of articles about the most up-to-date styles and trends as well as the most desirable places to get married. We'll feature articles on planning for the future to where to buy your first car as a married couple or where to get a loan for your new home.

Murray is home of Murray State University, where not only do people come from all parts of the country to learn, they come and fall in love. Couples meet everyday on the campus, which is known for one of the country's best romantic college traditions, the shoe tree. With so many lovely couples meeting at MSU that later become husband and wife, it's only right that a bridal magazine be published. Along with some wonderful stories that are created by the people of Murray, the area that surrounds the town deserves its own recognition. Within a 35 mile radius of the town is a wedding planner's, a bride's, a groom's and a photographer's dream with location's like a wine vineyard, a lake side resort or a simple field we've got it.

How did the Bride-to-Be Book come to be?

The Bride-to-Be Book was created in a room full of people who love the idea of love. Whether it be the love of a couple through thick and thin, the undying love of parents or the love of friendships built over the years. There's always something magical about love, maybe it's because it's the closest feeling to real magic we will ever know this day and age. Fashion trends change, hair and makeup styles will grow and die, but love will continue to run through our veins until the end. This room full of people also believe that a small town like Murray, with its traditions and southern charm, deserve a bridal magazine just for the brides that consider this town their home.

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